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Re: The Audio Drama: Final Fantasy X -Will-
« on: January 01, 2014, 11:36:01 pm »
However, Yuna saying the Final Summoning must be used to defeat Sin could be a measure to keep Yevonite teachings stable, even though she broke them two years prior.  She is saying it publicly, but that does not mean she personally believes it.

There has to be another way to defeat Sin, otherwise wouldn't she and... Kurgum have to the thing  :-X

Ahh, you've caught on much much quicker than most people.

Yes, it's presumed the B-PLOT in the novella exists to provide a scenario in FFX-3 where Yuna would have to have sex with Kurugum in order to create the final aeon, thus sparing Tidus's life concerning the matter.

There are alternate ways to defeat Sin, as FFX in itself shows.
However, perhaps Yuna truly believes the only way to prevent Sin from returning in these new "calling the dead" circumstances is by creating a final aeon. One can only speculate.