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Re: Rebirth ~ The Eternal Cost [Restoration Project]
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Chapter 1
Tentative Title: Of Chasing Daylight
part three of three

(A/N): Gosh darnit all to hecks, this chapter exceeded the character limitations in the last post. XD Can you believe the word count actually reached 6k?


Wakka woke him up at some point. “The boat’s going to return with the catch of the evening. They’ll need help to bring in the fish. C’mon, ya? Let’s go! This is a job for the Aurochs!”

Out past the entrance, Tidus found the team playing blitzball to kill time while waiting for the boat. Keepa proposed a race to the cove, feeling the fore competition, and Tidus accepted, never one to turn down a challenge, rushing through the path alongside the others. He hurtled down the slope with only Yuna in his mind, sparing not a single thought for anything else.

‘She must be wondering where I am. I should’ve stayed in the village.’

“You’re so slow, Tidus!”

Whoever said that brought him back to reality, and he looked around. Although he ran as fast as he could, everyone else managed to outrun him - except Wakka. Had he gotten rusty from two years stuck in limbo or something, or did everyone actually get better through serious practice?

“Be careful, Wakka!” One of the boys ahead of them teased. “It’s nearly nightfall, ya? You’ll risk falling. Slow down or you’ll hurt yourself!”

“Oh, shut up!" he said, laughing out loud, and then he started to slow down, already winded. “Enough, guys! Stop!”

The team were forced to wait so Wakka could catch up,, and Tidus took this as the opportunity to slow down as well, stopping beside him. “Well, Wakka, did retirement do a number on you?”

Out of breath and dripping with sweat, Wakka nodded, keeled over on his knees. Once he caught his breath, he stood straighter and pushed himself to start walking. “You remember the tournament we played in together, two years ago?”

Tidus nodded, falling into step beside him.

“Well, I had planned to stop playing after. I told you about that, right? I wanted to become an actual professional trainer. But then, we lost the next match. It was a bitter failure, different from when we were losing all those times before. We really suffered from it. After that, we worked hard to train every day with all our strength. The villagers were kind enough to release use from our chores in order to give us breathing room for the game. And as you can see, we improved! I was thinking we reached our highest level. By watching Datto and Letty, it made me want to practice again. But then Yuna started talking about the Gullwings, her everyday adventures with them, flailing around in that provocative outfit of hers.” Wakka paused to laugh. “And Lulu’s stomach started to fill out real big, and I became more involved in the affairs of the village for Lulu’s sake. I’m as motivated as anybody. I’m still young, too, you see… and well…”

He shrugged after a moment of awkward silence, as if to say: “You understand, ya?”

‘Wakka, still as indecisive as ever,’ Tidus thought.

“But everyday, Lulu still scolds me…” He scratched the back of his head, embarrassed. Because of their slow, leisurely pace, the rest of the team walked too far ahead, beyond earshot of the last two stragglers.

Tidus trudged forward, stewing in the last two years he lost, when Wakka wrapped his arm around his neck. ‘Were we this close before?’ Tidus wondered. Too busy sorting through his memories, he allowed Wakka to guide him.

The path they were traversing surrounded the whole island, coined as ‘the waterfall’s path.’ Speaking of which, thin droplets rained down on them from over the cliff, and soon enough they found themselves soaked. Falling into a comfortable lull in conversation, Tidus felt Wakka’s fingers brush his neck in circular motions, through his locks of hair, scratching the crown of his head. This started to feel strange, and Tidus exploded, shoving his hand away. “The hell are you going?!”

“Sorry. I just had to be sure…” Wakka ducked his head, apologetic. “You really are real? Not some illusion or spectre of the Farplane?”

“I hope so…” Tidus didn’t feel too sure about it himself, and he scowled. “I mean, of course I’m real!”

Overjoyed by his sudden burst of confidence, Wakka burst out laughing. “Of course, you are!” He clapped his shoulder, as if to make amends.

In spite of the older man’s mirth, Tidus latched onto disconcerting words. “You really are real? Not some illusion?” He thought of the other world, this mystical place where the dead could appear in front of the living in reaction to prayers, talking with their friends and family… Tidus remembered his first trip to the Farplane. When he thought about his mother, she had appeared before him. ‘Am I a ghost, just like her?’

“Aren’t spectres illusions, though? Hallucinations?”

“Well, they’re kinda like real visions.”

“So, in other words?”

“Here’s how I understand things: the pyreflies react to the mind of the one who goes into the Farplane, taking the shape of the person they want to meet. The entire conversation’s made up by the living person. Therefore, the dead can only say what the living wants to hear. If the living wishes for encouragement, the dead will give them some. If they wish for pity, the dead will comply.”

“Really? Is that how it's supposed to work?”

Wakka surprised him. This explanations sounded very lucid and level-headed, something unusual for him. And then Tidus understood: since the earliest days of his childhood, Wakka had believed in and followed Yevon’s teachings without question. Until one day, he discovered it had all been a lie. Without the support of the Fayth, Wakka had been forced to rely on himself to explain the world around him. Tidus perceived the underlying meaning behind his spoken answer.

“But we’re on Besaid, not in the Farplane, right? So, I’m real.” To emphasize this simple fact, Tidus pinched the flab on Wakka’s waist. Wakka’s wonderful cry of indignation echoed like sweet music in his ears.
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