Author Topic: Project Code Z - Possibly FFX-3? (It's Minna de Spelunker Z)  (Read 1006 times)


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Re: Project Code Z - Possibly FFX-3?
« on: January 30, 2015, 03:36:02 pm »
Well, who knows? This game could be anything. FFX-3, Chrono Cross sequel (Chrono Trigger's 20th anniversary is this year), maybe even Dissidia 3. Or the most likely thing: an entirely new IP.

The Z does look vaguely Final Fantasy-like, especially in FFX's case, and the pictures seems to me that they are made with the Luminous Engine (what FFXV is being made in).

But we should wait until tomorrow before we scream praises. This is gonna keep me up all night.
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