Author Topic: Perhaps some GOOD news finally.  (Read 793 times)


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Re: Perhaps some GOOD news finally.
« on: March 31, 2014, 11:34:48 am »
-twitch-... -twitch-...


-squeals in joy-

Maybe now they'll start putting actual effort into their titles! WOO-HOO!

Now all we have to hope for is if they announce that Will and X-2.5 are 'what if' scenarios (from what information we've got, the content really doesn't match up with Last Mission or even the Perfect Ending) and maybe they'll start from scratch. Or who knows? Maybe they'll actually turn Will into something really good without the over-the-top drama from XIII. Whatever it is, they better get Tidus and Yuna back together within the first thirty minutes. XD jk

Could this be the 'A Realm Reborn' of Square Enix as a company? Or do those only come in miracles? (Seriously, I heard ARR is actually really good.)
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