Author Topic: Original Novel Translated vs. Fan Restoration Project: Thoughts & Introspections  (Read 2125 times)

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In concern to Kush and her habit of 'vous,' what would be more appropriate?

Giving her a French accent and retaining that pronoun, or replace vous as 'my lord/lady' (and any other appropriate title)?

And as for the names Valm, Bria, Johit, Alb, and Ifahnal, should we retain them as thus (I do prefer them this way) or as how the FF Wiki prefers? Velm, Briar, Joit, Arb, and Ifarnal respectively?

Well, the pronoun 'vous' is often used in the novel, but I decided to use it only for Kush since she has a special behavior. Furthermore, there's a line in the novel where Bria remembers that special behavior - the use of the polite 'vous' - so... And you MUST ban 'my lord/lady' when it comes to Kush, that wouldn't fit at all! :P

As for the names, I think those from the FF Wiki come from the japanese version ? But since I'm not sure, I think it's better to use those from the french translation :)

Aw, geez, I keep forgetting the French language does not pronounce every single letter in a word. The 's' is silent! I've been saying 'vous' wrong in my head this whole time. I'm such a dummy. XD I do remember reading that wonderful little detail as well; in that case, I suppose I'll retain Kush's polite vous and give her a French accent. There are many NPCs with ambiguous, foreign accents in the FFX universe. :P (On the other hand, having Kush call Valm 'my lord' in a childish, cute, whimsical tone is so adorasjhdfgjh. I don't know what to do! XD Am I the only one getting super playful and flirtatious vibes from her? Her dialogue evokes the most imagination as I write, more than any other character.)

Alrighty, then. The names from French translation shall stay!
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