Author Topic: Original Novel Translated vs. Fan Restoration Project: Thoughts & Introspections  (Read 1544 times)

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Re: Original Novel Translated vs. Fan-written Restoration
« on: September 02, 2015, 02:11:43 pm »
That's true. Microphones, megaphones, and computer tower/monitor (that I believe Shinra customized or created himself) were all over the place, but I've only ever seen in hugely populated places, such as Luca and Bevelle, and used by characters who were in the fortunate position to have easy access to such things, let it be money or connections. That's a good point: sphere technology may be expensive, because of the manual labor required to harvest the water in Macalania. Do you need a working permit for that land? XD I love the idea of Al Bhed inventing alternative machina appliances to make up for declining natural resources (that does not explain Wantz's camera, though).

That whole digging up references from Zanarkand's golden years can only happen post-FFX, around the time Cid decided to use the ruins as a tourist attraction (instead of a national museum? What the hell, Cid? Use your damn brain. Ya could've wracked up even MORE money from that political venture; be funded by New Yevon, or Rin. You could have done it!). And when it came to Tidus's house, I'm not surprised. He's in a machina city much like our own cities today. He could have had a shower, too, and a toilet with nice pipework, and and and...

Yes. It is fun to speculate. XD
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