Author Topic: Original Novel Translated vs. Fan Restoration Project: Thoughts & Introspections  (Read 1544 times)

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Re: Original Novel Translated vs. Fan-written Restoration
« on: September 01, 2015, 05:18:59 pm »
So, I noticed something odd while going about my rewrite through Chapter 2:

“I saw you coming.”
“Excuse me?”
Not really sure if he understood, Tidus turned in the direction of the ocean. The ball fell in the sand.
“At midday. We heard of Yuna’s return thanks to the radio, and I followed the villagers. I saw you emerging from the ocean. How did you reach this place?”

I never knew Spira had radios for communication, unless I missed it somewhere in FFX. Or could it be that Bria referred to the Commsphere as a radio? And if the radio he spoke of is indeed the Commsphere, how could it be, when the Aurochs (bonus points if you tell me which member did it) destroyed it during Blitzball practice?

Also, I always forget that, besides sphere-technology, Spira also has certain things like binoculars and cameras. Remember in the Thunder Plains when Wantz randomly ran by Yuna's party at the Agency, took a picture, and just left -- and nobody ever mentions it again? I mean, Seymour has an actual candid photo of his parents (sitting in his mansion, or was it Baaj temple? I forget where I saw it). I feel like the common little things that Spira shares with us modern day people draws a really vague line.
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