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Re: Nojima Talk
« Reply #15 on: April 30, 2014, 10:58:49 am »
I'll have to agree also.

I'm all for the concept of an X-3. Getting to see Spira again in all its glorious PS4 graphical glory would be an insta-buy for me. Imagine freely roaming around the city of Luca without the restrictions of a fixed camera angle. Imagine scaling Mt. Gagazet at night and possibly seeing the Aurora Borealis at the top. Imagine actually getting to enter the city of Bevelle and revel in its colourful royalty.

Come to think of it... an MMORPG set in Spira would be hella neat.

But I digress. I honestly think that the ideas presented to us in the novella and audio drama could, if written with care and legitimate rules, be decent setups to a sequel. We already had the Farplane go into lockdown in X-2, but to have it actually leak into the world of the living and start affecting peoples' perceptions of reality and their sanity, along with not wanting to let go of the past, is honestly a brilliant conflict. My friend thinks that Yuna and the other summoners and senders are losing their minds with the Farplane problems, hence why they're saying things that they wouldn't normally say. Maybe they could have the living Spira and the dead Farplane go completely nuts with each other and threaten a spiritual war, and since Tidus is half-living and half-dead, he's not affected by the problems and he seeks out other zombie-like companions to save both of the worlds. Hey, it could happen!

See? Even a hysterical person like me could make a solid storyline out of what's presented to us. These are ideal ingredients for a sequel, but it's just the way it's been presented and written that's putting people off, such as the two new boring characters, the romantic drama, pretty much everything in the novel, and the concept of Sin coming back. Take out these, and they probably wouldn't get nearly as much hate as they do now.

Let's hope that if they do make X-3 in the future, they'll resolve these problems satisfyingly and make it a truly great sequel, maybe even surpassing the original game if it's at all possible.

I might have just wanted this audio drama to be a cute and sweet little afterstory of Tidus and Yuna's lives together after X-2, but hey, a silent X-3 announcement would still get me excited.
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