Author Topic: Nojima Talk (Will, FFX-3)  (Read 3777 times)


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Re: Nojima Talk
« on: January 11, 2014, 11:52:40 pm »
Then, Famitsu asks who was the character he had the most trouble writing for.

“It’d have to be Lulu,” says Nojima. “If she were just cute, it would’ve been simpler, but I had no samples in mind of how a pretty or beautiful lady like her would think or live. I don’t think that Watanabe (Daisuke) who worked with me had any ideas either.”

...dear god, she's a human being ffs :|

Well, Japan has a declining population and an alarming number of 30-year-old virgins for a reason. =P Nojima is married with a kid now, but it's possible he was still pretty awkward and inexperienced when writing FFX in the year 2000.