Author Topic: I'm creeped out by the book, but I think it's actually GOOD. Spoilers ahead  (Read 1826 times)


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Omg yes! I have so many of these, because I've been playing this game for so long...

Yevon's age was definitely a Dark Age. Technology and science couldn't advance past Yevon's teachings, the church was incredibly corrupt and didn't really want the cycle to stop, because that meant they would lose their power. There's no way to know if there really were fayth that belonged to other races because none are shown, not even those from Zanarkand at Mt. Gagazet...

Sin was basically programmed to destroy large settlements and machina cities, so the city where the Al Bhed lived in Bikanel was most likely leveled because of that. But, in the beginning, Yu Yevon had control over Sin and destroyed Zanarkand on purpose, just so he could show off to Bevelle and bend them on their knees to him. That was the main purpose why Bevelle spread Yevon's church to Spira, that's what Maechen said.. unless I'm mistaken? >.>

Yevon was outright narcissist. He placed higher regard on his city's memory than the city itself and its people, hence why he didn't fight harder to protect it, just sacrificed his entire people and created a facsimile of it before leveling it just to show how mighty he was and that everyone should worship him as God else he will destroy everything. It's sick.

I've played FFX/X-2 for 10+ years now, about half of my lifetime. The Machina War was the event that piqued my curiosity the most, because not only Sin was the aftermath of the war, but how the whole story surrounding it was taboo and the only thing people knew was that "people used machina to kill, hence why Yevon's teachings forbid the use of machina". Ruins of places destroyed by the battles are scattered throughout Spira. They just said that a war broke between Bevelle and Zanarkand, no one can say for what reasons. The novella provided golden information on that time: how summoning wasn't exclusive to Zanarkand as their fayth seemingly claimed to be, how summoning didn't necessarily mean fayth (nobody calls the Aeon Cores fayth) and most of the reality of the war, i.e. summoner recruiting and training in Bevelle, brainwashing in Zanarkand, what people used to believe in prior to Yevon's church and the origins of the Al Bhed. I can't believe in how much people bash in it though... >.>

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