Author Topic: I'm creeped out by the book, but I think it's actually GOOD. Spoilers ahead  (Read 1826 times)

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This might as well be nicknamed the Headcanon Exchange page, because look at all this amazing lore and information. :D

There is no mention of Fayth being races other than human, because that's all we know from Yevon's time and onwards, and that in itself can be considered a Dark Age. Who says there couldn't be non-human Fayth in Spira? The only reason why Al Bhed (in the last 1000 years, at least) were never among the (known) Fayth, because during the Machina War era they were "lower" class. Who knows where they originated from, or how they came to reach that point. Apparently in FFX, Rikku said that the Al Bhed used to live in a city out in an island near Bikanel Desert before Sin destroyed it, so perhaps the Bedohls had their own home city, isolated from the main continent. I don't know, in terms of the exclusive status of Summoning, we've only seen it hoarded and abused during a golden age overcome with human strife. Who knows where the Summoning craft originated and with whom. I just don't think the ability to manipulate pyreflies was easily or naturally accessible to anyone but the Guado. If Summoning did in fact originate from humans, then its roots could be traced to a shady minority of humans were mighty in tune with the planet to the point of insanity.

Curiously enough, FFX-2 International Mission hints at the possibility of newborn fiends through Shinra's Creature Creation, among other things (such as the extent of humanity a fiend does retain from its human life). I want to do an elaborate sweep of the Fiend Tales to develop a more clear headcanon for it. Oh, and another thing. The reason why I classify fiends as 'alive' more so than dead, because of the fact implications have been thrown that the people of Spira do eat fiends, like Wakka when pitted against a Behemoth. Not only are there morality issues with people eating reincarnated humans, but there's also the disturbing fact fiends are supposed to be considered undead life forms. That's why I thought it'd make more sense if fiends were considered animals instead, or monsters that are not exactly 'living carcasses' but sentient creatures.

Bevelle is the heart of hypocrisy. It's sad, but true. That's probably why Yevon left his home city in the first place, leaving behind everything he knew. The fact he placed more emotional attachment on a dream of a city instead of its people makes me wonder if Yevon actually gave up on humanity, if not the world as a whole, seeing no hope for redemption. Summoners are supposed to live for the people, serving as the main source of balance between the physical realm and the afterlife. It's unorthodox for a Summoner, no matter a peerless one, to turn their back on their core principles.

Your entire essay of Zanarkand/Bevelle/Machina War history gives me feels. Hnnnng. I-It's... it's so brilliant...  :o  But one thing, according to the FFX Ultimania Guide, Sin did level Bevelle to the ground shortly after its birth, thus forcing what remained from the rubble to rebuild it (and Yevon knows how long it took to restore Bevelle to its former glory). Try to squeeze that somewhere into your... brilliant, magnificent essay, hnng. >.>

I'm gonna miss swapping long-winded posts with you, UltimaGriever. Farewell, but not goodbye. I shall return in one month's time!  ;D
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