Author Topic: I'm creeped out by the book, but I think it's actually GOOD. Spoilers ahead  (Read 1826 times)

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This is why I absolutely love Seymour/Yuna, and btw, I want to read that one-shot!  :o

Here's the link. ;3

I actually fancy Seymour/Yuna myself, if not Seymour/Yuna/Baralai. ;) I believe another reason why Seymour fell in love with Yuna was because she resembled his mother (it doesn't help they share the same voice actor). Because Yuna and Seymour are singularities of the world, being half-breeds from their respective cultures, they could understand each other's pain and hardship better than anyone. I'm a sucker for that kind of couple chemistry. :3

Maybe Spira started out as a world governed by Fayth in times of antiquity. Even if humans and other intelligent life forms are capable of becoming Summoners, I highly doubt the ancient art originated from humans. Because Guados are not human, it probably made all the more sense to them. Human nature always perseveres in their pursuit for knowledge and power; the Hypello are content with their lackadaisical lifestyle, the Ronso kept to their mountain, and the Guado to their forests. Only Al Bhed, an off branch of humans, are the only other race shown to want more than what they already have. Spira must have been a planet saturated with an abundance of pyreflies, and there must have been a prehistoric age of chaos - where the dead coexisted with the living. Maybe pyreflies latched onto other life forms, such as the trees which grew to develop humanoid characteristics, and polar lions that evolved into beings capable of speech, learning to walk on their hind legs, and amphibians who became the Hypellos we know today.

The fact that a Goddess existed in the lore of FFVII makes me wonder if another type of God existed around FFX's time, perhaps an otherworldly being who dwells (or appears) in the Farplane. For all intents and purposes, the Farplane acts as the inner core of the planet (considering pyreflies are pure energy that circulates throughout space and are the "breath" of the soul). Perhaps that God manipulated pyreflies to craft living beings in his/her image, and that is why so many races are humanoid. Although the fiends we see in FFX are mainly those that are coalescence of pyreflies born from the lingering will of dead people, maybe the fiends were originally a part of the natural food chain. Fiends may have walked the earth as animals and not reincarnated humans, and during the 1000 years of tyranny under Sin, natural-born fiends blended with reincarnated ones. There's so much we don't know about Spira in its years of yore, only stories relevant to Yevon's age. Sigh.

You're right. That mural-Fayth could have been the "voice" for all we know. If only certain things were more clear. Hmph.

As for Macalania Woods, what had it been before Shiva's existence? A normal forest? Because the region must have existed before she froze the entire area within ice and crystal. Perhaps the woods are dying without Shiva, because it's melting - having been frozen for too long that the trees and plant life adapted to the temperature and are now dying under the rapid climate change.

You provide such incredible insight to the Machina War, I am in awe. <3
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