Author Topic: I'm creeped out by the book, but I think it's actually GOOD. Spoilers ahead  (Read 1821 times)

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I always wondered whether or not Unsents were capable of Summoning (I mean, do you need to be alive to sustain that unique mental connection? Or is the soul a base requirement?), and then I noticed Belgemine and Ginnem were able to summon their The Magus Sisters and Yojimbo respectively. It's odd that Seymour (and to a certain extent Yunalesca) chose not to summon, unless they couldn't?

Also, while going through Fiend Tales in FFX-2, I learned that a fiend's capable of beckoning a loved one in the Farplane. And if this counts as a hint for future characters, a Flan Azul (a Guado in his past life) had been loyal to Seymour Guado once and still retains that loyalty. In the end of his tale, he still believes Seymour may still exist in the living realm and departed to look for him. There's so much we don't know about the nature of things, especially when it comes to unique exceptions of already common knowledge.

I mean, if we're getting all these different methods of Summoning, what had been the original method and for what purpose? I have a theory Summoning may have been an ancient art that originated from the Guado until humans (or Bevelle) stole their secrets and redeveloped the magic for their own purposes. Knowing Bevelle, it monopolized the secrets of Summoning until Yevon and his daughter fled, thus inevitably causing it to spread and alter once more. The Myst village in FFIV had the Summoning art restricted to their settlement until an imposter King sought to eradicate their people for fear of future threat, and that makes me wonder if something similar happened in FFX many years before Yevon's time.
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