Author Topic: I'm creeped out by the book, but I think it's actually GOOD. Spoilers ahead  (Read 1826 times)


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The fayth used to say that Yu Yevon was peerless. Would it mean, then, that he had some degree of control over the pyreflies of the living? This would reasonably explain how he sent so many people to the front lines, and how he managed to get the very rest of his people to undergo mass suicide. It's like Kim Jong-un and North Korea, except that there are people who disagree with him - otherwise there wouldn't be any forced labor camps in NK. But no - in-game and novella sources seem to point towards mass brainwashing taking place in Zanarkand.

What I found curious is that the souls that had been Yevon's fayth seem to have a different nature than that of those who were not. Souls of the "normal" (that is, those who hadn't been fayth) dead didn't ever manifest on the Farplane as more than illusions projected by the living's memories (this could be possible in the core of the Farplane, where Auron, Jecht and Braska were heard talking to Yuna during the battle with Vegnagun/Shuyin on X-2), however the souls of the fayth manifested at will and had a consciousness of their own. They could also manifest as the aeons they represented, and, in doing so, they were also tangible. Yevon's way of creating fayth was done in a way that altered the very nature of the soul, in that the person couldn't really die even if it could be freed someday.

Listening to the Hymn of the Fayth and that BGM that plays when you're within Sin/that dream Tidus had in Mt. Gagazet gives me all the creeps possible after realizing all this stuff.  :o

EDIT: I believe Yu Yevon died at some point, but never noticed, because he had to keep up with summoning from hundreds of thousands of fayth AND controlling Sin... The bug-like form was most likely for greater ease in possessing aeons so he could use their pyreflies to form another carcass for Sin, and then he'd throw the previous soul away (presumably to the Farplane or to that room where Yunalesca lurks - when you get it you'll poop bricks).

EDIT 2: When I was a kid I dreamed of living in a city like Zanarkand. I don't anymore. *shudders*
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