Author Topic: How important is the relationship between Tidus and Yuna to you?  (Read 6487 times)


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I dont know i never see ida and yuna fit each other i mean i rather wanted to see tidus alone or with rikku yeah rikku is more fit for tida than yuna
so if you ask me yuna and tida relationship is ugly and bad lovestory like twilight.


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surely you jest

I'm not attacking your opinion, but don't you think comparing TidusxYuna to Twilight and calling it ugly is a bit harsh?

If you're taking the novella/audio drama into light then sure, it's WAY worse. But in X/X-2 if you think about it, their relationship had a lot of depth and just... feel-goodness. Until the second half of the game. Then it gets pretty tragic and depressing.

Apart from this Will/2.5 hurricane, I don't see any sort of similarity between a man preventing a woman from sacrificing herself by ironically sacrificing himself, and a creepy sparkly vampire fighting a werewolf over an over-obsessive psychopath, and turning her into a vampire so they can make hideous vampire babies that are subjected to the very fortunate werewolf.
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