Author Topic: Final Fantasy X-Will, 2.5, and possibly X-3 theory  (Read 1155 times)


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Final Fantasy X-Will, 2.5, and possibly X-3 theory
« on: April 07, 2014, 08:34:04 am »
So possible theory on all these shenannigans:
So Will takes place after 2.5, which was when Yuna brought back Tidus from the dead even though it wasn't supposed to be possible. Now Sin is back, which can only mean again one thing: as long as the fayth is there (which is has to be in order for Tidus to be alive), both Sin and Tidus will never die. So, now knowing that Tidus also cannot know the fact hes dead or he will dissapear (from FFX-2.5), what do you think that means? Did Yuna really meet someone else or was it because she knows that since he cant find out hes really dead, she told him that so he wouldnt follow her and be safe. Remember Yuna has always done that to protect him, so its a good possibility (if they decide to make a FFX-3 which i hope not. They already butchered it enough). Unfortunately for Yuna, she seems to forget how headstrong and stubborn Tidus is. So guaranteeing he goes after her, they defeat Sin, he finds out he has to die for good now, and then its finally over after a really heartful teary goodbye.... Or of course somehow the annoying prick stays alive and they end up together yet again. Lulu drops plenty of hints that thats why she dumped Tidus. That and plenty of time going through X/X-2 you should realize no way in hell would she dump the guy. Not after all the time she took to look for him.

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It could be that, but with the recent updates on the novella contents, there's another popular theory rising.

Tidus' whole personality is completely altered when he's resurrected, because the memories that were required to summon him back to Spira were 'tainted,' whatever that may mean. Since he's changed too much, Yuna finds out that he isn't the Tidus that she fell in love with, rather a 'fake' of sorts, which would probably explain why they're not living together in Will.

What Yuna might have meant by 'someone else' when she talked to 'Tidus' in Will during their break-up, possibly could be the Tidus before his second death, and not this incarnation. This could also be why she said he didn't know him, seeing as this one is just not... Tidus. As for Lulu scolding him, she probably just took it the wrong way and assumed that Yuna was lying about the whole 'new boyfriend' thing, which would be incredibly ironic considering what she said.

If X-3 does roll around, I don't think SE would have the guts to basically recycle the third act of FFX with Sin and Tidus' fates. All the XIII games had unique endings, however bizarre they may be. My prediction would be this 'fake' Tidus meeting up with the 'real' Tidus, having some confusing and symbolic stuff happen, and then Fake Tidus has to sacrifice himself while Real Tidus lives. Or vice-versa, depending on the ending you get. :3
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The fayth and Sin don't have too, too much to do with each other. The fayth weren't summoning Sin, they were summoning Dream Zanarkand, so even without them, Sin is still free to exist. His existence is maintained by Yu Yevon, which is a twisted unsent spirit, possessing a final Aeon and manipulating pyreflies to create an armor for itself. The only fayth actually required for Sin to exist is Jecht's, Zaon's, or one of the other four FAs.