Author Topic: Final Fantasy X-3 NOT in development, says SE  (Read 1673 times)


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Re: Final Fantasy X-3 NOT in development, says SE
« on: July 04, 2014, 07:34:26 am »
I don't think this forum can go to waste. I mean, it's a part of internet history now. Anyone who looks up FFX-3 will come across these discussions. It's an open forum and people will add what they want. None of the threads are closed or anything, so the discussion is still open.

Just like what Nojima and Shinji said. NOTHING was set in stone, it was all just discussion. Of course as a company SE wanted to see demand for an X-3, but the truth is, the fans just aren't happy with the direction they decided to go with it. There is a small minority that are curious to see where it could lead, but a large portion of the fan base are horrified. I don't blame them.