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Good points kk, that's the gist of what I'm saying too. Her personality can be short and bossy, but she was only downright mean and bully-like in the very begining of FFX, which she clearly softened throughout the game. You'd think after all Yuna's done, she'd be respectful of her instead of controlling (she had no problem with Yuna traveling the world in X-2, but now she treats her like a child locked in her room) 

Her comment toward Tidus about her relationship with Wakka "it's nothing extraordinary and honestly sometiimes I think I've had enough" made me cringe. It's just a nasty thing to say even when someone is currently annoying you. After all they've been through and the fact that the last we saw of them in X-2 was happy and sitting by a fire.... Unless the writer has someone saying in the book "Oh man, Lulu's been so mean and nasty since the baby's been born, but she has post partum depression and will snap out of it soon!" Then I'd be more forgiving. But according to this novel, she's on her way to being single and friendless.
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