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Hey yaíll! Not sure if anyone still visits this forum but nonetheless I joined. Iíve been a FFX/FFX-2 fan since my mid-teens (they were the first FF games that got me into the series!) and every now and then I still look up memorable cutscenes from either game or brush up on Spira lore. FFXís storyline will always be my favorite in the series! I donít play console games now, but I still try to keep updated on whatís new in the FF franchise.

I vaguely knew about the novel and audio drama when they came out a few years back but didnít bother to look them up until now. To the people on this forum who bothered translating and restoring the FFX-2.5 novel from the French release into English, thank you! I was able to find this site on google and read all the chapters available, as well as some old commentaries and threads that are still here.

As for the novel...I thought that the best it offers is an expansion of Spiraís history and lore, particularly the time of the Machina War and what summoners/ the summoning arts were like before Yevonís teachings took hold. I donít care at all for the way Tidusí and Yunaís love story was treated (since the audio drama follows the novel, I donít care much for it either). Was it always Nojimaís intent to keep these two as star-crossed lovers? Even after the perfect ending in FFX-2, these two canít get a break can they.

I donít like the idea of Tidus and Yuna breaking up as much as the next die-hard fan, but I donít understand why Tidus had to die (arguably for a second time) in this novel and come back as an incarnate spirit. Why must Tidus only exist somewhere between physical reality and the Farplane? Yes, he had existed as a dream of the fayth and was destined to fade away once the Sin-cycle ended in FFX. It was a miracle he came back in FFX-2. I believe he returned to Yuna as a complete, human, and fully mortal person...only to be killed in a freak accident shortly after. Why canít Tidus and Yuna be together and live their lives without the threat of Tidus fading away?

What do you think. Could Tidus and Yuna have a happy and relatively normal existence together as a couple (or friends) or must there always be something supernatural keeping them apart? If anyone who is a fan still comes here, Iíd love to share more thoughts and ideas on this.

Also, has anyone mentioned how macabre were the Ďmechanicalí Bedohls in the novel? How horrifying. Nojima should leave Tidus and Yuna alone and give us more of the Spira from 1000 years ago. Thatís far more interesting.

No sign of development for FFX-3 yet, but Iím ok with that. Especially if there were plans on building upon the audio drama or novel.