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Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« Reply #330 on: January 11, 2017, 04:42:41 pm »
@Danko Kaji

Thanks for the warm welcoming. I think I will check your restoration project when you have completed it. And please don't get me wrong here, I actually like your restoration, but the main problem is, you have done this with your own words. So what we have is a translation from a French translation of a japanese book into English, including your own version which will even differ more from the original. That's the only reason I'm a little divided here.

So, I reached Chapter 21 now and there is definitely no "Deus Sex Machina". There are still a few chapters left, but even when Tidus head is blown off, it is not described very graphic. There is, of course, a lot of Yuna Fanservice and a little Rikku Fanservice included.

I have to say, the more I read, the more confusing this story gets. And I simply don't have any clue what is going on in Chapter 21. I do think the story is heavily complicated and written in a complicated japanese. These were the complaints I've read from readers who have read the original japanese version.

But in Chapter 21, the Translation from you guys isn't very good. There are Typos and you can read in every line, you had problems to translate the text. In one line, Bria is male, in the next line, you call him "Her", which clearly isn't the case here, because he is a dude. The most complicated chapters are the ones with Kush and Valm. The chapters with Tidus and Yuna are more accessible till the moment when Tidus head get's blown away.

Currently, the story is a really big mess and the translation is not on point anymore. There are still 13 chapters left, I sure hope there will be a little conclusion at the end.
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