Author Topic: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth  (Read 30294 times)


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Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« Reply #315 on: September 11, 2015, 10:37:07 am »
Guys, guys. Now this is just my opinion, but we have to remember that not all of the FFX community are die-hard fans (I used to be one but now I've mostly turned to AUs and concept designs). Games aren't the niche, 'nerdy' things that they used to be 15~ years ago; now they're a hobby to lots of people from hardc*re to casual. Remember that for in order for something to succeed, they need to appeal to the widest audience. Not all of the fans want to be bludgeoned with overly-complicated and deep themes. Nor do all of them want to read an entire novel just to get a vague understanding of another 30-minute long drama with no visual stimuli. Leave that to the medium that people can choose to adapt as headcanon. Like fanfiction. M'jai's fanfictions for example; should we just disregard and force everyone to write off absolutely everything in the Spira's Dream series just because it isn't canon?

Yes, Nojima expressed that he would like to see an X-3. But he writes scenarios. He can tell a story about how Tidus and Yuna become heavy drug addicts and how Yevon forces everyone in Spira to do the Macarena for five hours every day, but if it's disapproved and rejected by Square, it's not happening. Square owns the rights to FFX and ultimately decides what happens with it. It's up to the higher powers to decide if an X-3 would be a good idea or not. And you all know how divided the FF community gets when anything is announced, especially for older games. Sad but true.

I think we should keep this speculation light-hearted, free of tension and not point any bitter fingers to the rest of the fanbase. It's not good to be a hipster who jeers at any of the filthy casuals, even if we did just translate an entire novella that a good portion of the fanbase doesn't even know exists. :P

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to plan a fanfiction for the Bad Ending timeline. :D
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