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Personally, I just find this novel completely unnecessary and I honestly believe it will be disregarded. There's no reason why they can't just start from the audio drama and flesh out a story.... which is what I thought they were going to do. The overreactions towards the drama were incredibly short-sighted, considering the fact that it was clear that Sin's return was a side-effect of a larger problem, not just "SINZ BACK GUYZZZ" . It's also completely normal for Tidus & Yuna to have relationship problems and was made obvious that Yuna broke it off in order to be the world's savior again... (which I bet a plot twist in the first 30 minutes of X-3 would've made that irellivant).

All of that being said, there's no salvaging this novel to me and I think there's a reason it wasn't made widely available, whereas the audio drama was put onto every release of the HD collection - complete with voice acting. I honestly think the novel was written for the heck of it and shouldn't be taken seriously... not sure why some seem to take it as the word of god. Even its ending makes it pretty obvious that it was quickly thrown together.
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