Author Topic: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth  (Read 28379 times)

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Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« Reply #300 on: September 08, 2015, 07:04:20 pm »
Well, about Yuna and her tendency to keep **** from everyone else, it's perfectly foreseeable. After all, she did keep Jyscal's sphere from her guardians and proceeded to marry Seymour fully knowing about his being a murderer and his schemes, and, had that nun not found the sphere, they would probably find out about her plans right at the last minute.

This reminded me of the talk Tidus and Auron had about Yuna's decision to marry. He had said that she wanted to "negotiate" with him, but he never said what exactly. Later when I replayed the game, it occurred to me that the "negotiations" were actually regarding to Seymour being willing to become Yuna's FA... Just an idea.

You know what, I think a lot of fans underestimate Yuna's ability to angst. So many of us, even Square Enix, arrive at this assumption that Yuna's this young girl who loves to dream and chase after her one true love without falter, who's one selfish wish was to live a normal life, free of obligation, and have a future with this dazzling boy who rocked her world; yeah, I guess that's the positive way of looking at it. There's even two happy endings given to us to cement that impression into our minds. But honestly, I think a lot of people are afraid to put her in any miserable, tragic situation that they feel is the slightest bit unwarranted, because she's already been through too much in-game. Or at least, find themselves unwilling to or incapable of portraying her depression/angst/issues realistically and IC. Or are content with keeping her perfectly happy with Tidus, because how could there possibly be any more issues between after everything they endured?

Really, it's so saccharine, I get nauseous. I never considered Yuna a "pure" or "dark" character, just neutral. That right balance of hope and passion and melancholy that's stuck between the extreme, opposite spectrums of Tidus (bright, sunny, inquisitive, child-like soul) and Seymour (corrupt, cynical, tortured, lost soul). We see Yuna run towards the light, in FFX-2, and now we're seeing her fall into the dark, in FFX-3. I think the series really portrays her character development in such a flawed and fascinating light. Besides Tidus, I think Yuna can easily be a broken base in fandom.

Or is that my unpopular opinion cuz I don't believe in fairy-tale happy endings and I'm a nerd for realism?
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