Author Topic: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth  (Read 28379 times)

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Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« Reply #300 on: September 08, 2015, 06:45:46 pm »
Yo, I haven't been here since Tidus got his head blown off. Great job Chercher for finishing the translation! I have to ask though. Do you guys think it's a good idea to be posting Fan-Fiction right on top of the ACTUAL translation like that? I'm not trying to be rude!!! I'm just concerned that the legit book is going to end up buried under this stuff.  :)

Well, I've had a discussion with the author and as long as "fan-written" is visible in the title of the topic, I don't mind. It's not as if a lot of people ended up there everyday. But your concern is appreciated.

That is a legitimate concern, and I want to be clear about one thing. It's not so much a fanfiction as it is a restoration. I plan to retain as much of the original content as I can without deviating from its intended meaning. Sure, my work is unofficial, more so unofficial than ObscurChecheur's translations, since Square Enix never approved (or met the willingness of anyone to do so) its translation outside France and Japan, and I shouldn't really compare my work to ObscurChecheur's since they are two completely different projects of the same title (and I feel his project is way more legitimized and acceptable than mine), but I do feel a bit offended you would debase my decision to embark on such a project by calling it 'fanfiction' when it is not. Not completely, at any rate.

Aside from that, I am happy to know you a member of our community and are enjoying our threads of discussion. I know the novel leaves much to be desired, especially its questionable state of brand-new canon material, but I hope you enjoy reading along to my rewrite of it. :3 I plan to post it publicly outside of this forum once I finish it here, complete with final edits and a dedicated page of disclaimers and everybody involved here in this forum who worked on the novel's English translation (unless anyone here is adverse to the idea, please do let me know clearly and right away, don't pull any of your punches, honesty is the best policy).

The way I see myself in this Restoration Project, I am the main writer/author, yes, but I am not the only one. We are all writers, creative in our own ways -- let it be editing, translating, interpreting, or researching (and et cetera). We are a team, and I don't plan to take any ill-due, sole credit for it.

please tell me if I'm being too indulgent or self-righteous about this
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