Author Topic: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth  (Read 28379 times)


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Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« Reply #300 on: September 07, 2015, 06:39:01 pm »
Of course! There was never a 'true' water-themed aeon that we ever hear of in the Spiran lore. It turns out that Tidus would be the chosen vessel for Leviathan: The 300-mile-long demon that would destroy and recreate the world anew! :P

And if it's possible to turn incarnate spirits into Fayth, then maybe Seymour can become Odin! :D

Sorry, UltimaGriever, I piggy-backed from your brilliant idea. <3

Or Auron as a male Asura? please don't hate me

Edit: EVEN BETTER, Auron shall be the Pheonix!!!  :o

Seymour is TOTALLY Odin <3

I think I'm gonna draw this, I wonder how I can convey it though...

Well, about Yuna and her tendency to keep **** from everyone else, it's perfectly foreseeable. After all, she did keep Jyscal's sphere from her guardians and proceeded to marry Seymour fully knowing about his being a murderer and his schemes, and, had that nun not found the sphere, they would probably find out about her plans right at the last minute.

This reminded me of the talk Tidus and Auron had about Yuna's decision to marry. He had said that she wanted to "negotiate" with him, but he never said what exactly. Later when I replayed the game, it occurred to me that the "negotiations" were actually regarding to Seymour being willing to become Yuna's FA... Just an idea.

The fayth of DZ were most likely brainwashed into becoming so. The novella states that Yu Yevon and Yunalesca used to brainwash their forces into being suicidal, whether they were men, women or children. It's not unlikely that they were forced to do this: even though it's required that the person undergoing the change must be willing to do so, they could be induced into it by magic or religious influence.