Author Topic: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth  (Read 32748 times)


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Re: Final Fantasy X-2.5 : The Truth
« Reply #285 on: August 25, 2015, 06:59:46 am »
I don't think it's impossible for Bria to have kids... since he's pretty much like an unsent. They are as tangible as the living, only with a more fragile state of existence that can change as soon as they find out about their condition. That is what makes them different from the unsent: the latter are aware of being unsent, while the former don't even know that they're already dead.

I've always had that feeling that Bria/Valm was not so into Kush... I don't know why, maybe because of the moment he died, he felt like she was getting on his nerves, never considered how she felt about him, that it was only about him and his becoming of an Aeon Core without thinking of the consequences. Kush never wanted that for him, for him to live an eternity between life and death.

I thought there would be more to the story than this. I didn't get so many things. :( Like why Ifahnal summoned the island. Was it because of Kush, and how it reminded him of her? I mean, it was a war site, so many people fought and died there, why would he want to revive such a moment? And I have to re-read it to deduce why he killed Tidus.. :( Oh god. I feel so blind.