Author Topic: FFX-2.5 : Tidus is just "corrupting" everyone  (Read 843 times)


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FFX-2.5 : Tidus is just "corrupting" everyone
« on: May 30, 2015, 06:43:03 pm »
People seem to think that everyone's traits have changed in the novel, to the extent that it's bothering them a lot. But here is my theory about this, I've already written a bit of it in an other topic but I need to add some elements :

At the end of FFX-2 (good ending), the fayth ask Yuna if she wants to see Tidus. After her answer, the fayth told her he can't promise anything but he'll do what he can.
So, we're not sure whether or not Tidus will be his old self when he'll return in Spira ! That's an important fact !

Then, Tidus finally appears in Besaid, happy ending... but something's wrong. People's behavior seems altered ! Why's that ? That doesn't make sense ?
Well, it makes sense... if Tidus has returned with some flaws. You need to understand that Tidus is a special being. He's like a dream coming from the Farplane. A strange one indeed...

When the living are in the Farplane, they can communicate with the dead though their minds, but it's a one-way communication. The dead are just showing what the livings want to see or hear.
Therefore, in my opinion, Tidus is unconsciously controling people's mind as if it was a reverse farplane.

Okay, but that doesn't make sense for Yuna ! Why would Tidus make Yuna behaving like in the novel ? She's just calling him a child !
Well, the fact here is that Yuna has a strong link with the deceased, the Farplane, etc.  And so I think she's disrupting this kind of control, and that would explain her  behaviour in the novel. Tidus' will is altered and it ends up with this strange behaviour.

So... is my theory a good one ? Or do you want to throw it directly in a bin ?  :P

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Re: FFX-2.5 : Tidus is just "corrupting" everyone
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2015, 08:41:25 pm »
I think "the possible" that the fayth did was bring back a somewhat distorted Tidus.

You can't mess up with the dead, or you could get not only yourself, but the entire balance of the universe by trying.
The fact that we die is directly linked by the fact that we are born: we are only able to reproduce because one day we will die.
If we were immortal, there would be no need to reproduce, or else there would be countless living beings since they can reproduce, but can't die.

By doing such a profane act as plucking someone's soul from death itself, or, in other words, bringing someone back from the Farplane, you're messing with the plane's balance: death is supposed to be irreversible, no matter how much the living wishes it would be. It demeans life: why would you live life to the fullest if you can live again? By bringing Tidus back to life, the fayth couldn't put his essence back together, because even they have flaws and couldn't see him as more than just a dream fabricated by them.

So he essentially was like a new computer assembled from scratch with an old hard drive: he has his memories, knows he loves Yuna, but still has the mindset of the guy who lived at Zanarkand and was star player of a blitzball team. And, of course, everybody who knew him and knows that he had died were like 'wtf how is that even possible', since he is no unsent, since he went to the Farplane, but was not like Jyscal who ventured out of it on his own accord, and even then everyone went wtf.

It's not that he's corrupting the other characters, but that he's corrupted himself but is not aware of it and everyone finds it strange that he managed to be brought back to life from the Farplane.

The thing about resurrecting him many times is REALLY demeaning. The fact that we live only once gives our life meaning, makes us want to live our life to the fullest because we know we are going to die someday and will never get another chance to live. To have him resurrect that many times invalidates this feeling, and Tidus himself as a character and a person, and this is really sad. :(

EDIT: Notice that the Farplane was already kind of unstable during the events of FFX-2, probably due to the uncountable number of fayth that was sent there at the end of FFX, perhaps Sin's presence there and Vegnagun absorbing its energy. Plucking Tidus out of it once might have intensified that instability and, by the time he was pulled out of it a SECOND time (stahp!), it kind of melted down and those bizarre beckoning events started happening. That's why you don't mess with the realm of the dead.
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