Author Topic: Don't Rule Out FFX-3 Just Yet  (Read 1477 times)


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Re: Don't Rule Out FFX-3 Just Yet
« on: June 17, 2015, 03:04:13 pm »
I believe that with a sequel it needs to be a completely different experience from its predecessor or, as you all said, a continuation dating a very long time ahead or behind the predecessor. Everyone always says that Braska's pilgrimage would be a good prequel, but really, X tells us a lot about it in both the main story and the Jecht Spheres. Not to mention there are a lot of fanfiction about it and in the end, they just go with the traditional 'sacrifice to save Sin' method like the other pilgrimages. It's too vanilla and predictable. The 'climax' was already told to us in Zanarkand and there is just no real reason why we should have a whole game centred around it.

This is also why I'm not too hot on the supposed X-3's material despite everything else; it feels like it's going to rehash the exact same morals, caricatures, atmosphere and development of the original X. Chuami will probably resolve her father issues and move past her aggressiveness, just like Tidus. Yuna will probably be persuaded to not use the Final Aeon again, just like in the pilgrimage. Tidus and Yuna will probably build up their relationship again, just like the whole of X's story. It's like a complicated deja vu machine with added contrivance and drama. I'm all for seeing FFX's world again, but for goodness' sake, I want to see something different.
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