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Re: Don't Rule Out FFX-3 Just Yet
« on: June 17, 2015, 12:52:12 pm »
Can I assume you guys didn't play FFVII: Crises Core? I'm not criticizing, a lot of people didn't despite it's critical acclaim due to the fact that it was on the PSP.

Crisis Core in my opinion is the best tale out of the compilation series, second only to the main story of Final Fantasy VII itself. There is a straightforward approach in the story telling for this game that was sorely lacking in the other installments.

One of the stand out appeals of this game is the fact that side quests are not designated. Being allowed to pick and chose your own "Missions" really do shave off a good deal of time that would other wise force you to perform tedious and (on some accounts) treacherous battles. For someone who isn't a hard core gamer this option is a delightful treat. Although, as any Final Fantasy fan will tell you, neglecting fights will cause you to lose the opportunity to level up. And make no questions about it, down the road such decisions will cost you dearly. 

The expansion of details regarding old characters is rather engrossing. Taking what little we knew of Solider First class Zack Fair from the original game and turning him into a solid protagonist with hopes, dreams, ambitions, and even love in the form of our favorite Flower Girl. In the case of Sephiroth, you actually find yourself having sympathy for (whom we were all lead to believe for years was) the devil. As for the first time it's explained how isolated, confused and betrayed he must have felt by the company that raised him. The establishment of the origin for Cloud is a well done surprise, stressing his weaknesses as well as his admiration and friendship with Zack. Square humanized Mr. Strife again, a factor that caused me to regain respect for the character, especially after the brooding hero plastic surgery that was performed on him for Advent Children.

The newcomers are equally as welcomed and are introduced and woven into the scene without being overbearing, complementing the old fan favorites well. Genesis is slightly  obnoxious, but Angeal will break your heart and you’ll even run into an old familiar hidden character!

My point is you know what's waiting for you at the end of this game but it still tugs at your heart. Any game that can achieve that makes it worth wild.
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