Author Topic: Don't Rule Out FFX-3 Just Yet  (Read 1477 times)


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Re: Don't Rule Out FFX-3 Just Yet
« on: June 16, 2015, 11:23:28 am »
I know, right? VII gets its long-awaited remake...

And what's the next-most popular title in terms of sales and fanbases? FFX!

Though I'm very, very divided on whether or not I want X-3 now. Back before all this audio drama and novella business I would've given up my left lung for a third sequel. (Did you know how hard it was; impatiently waiting and clambering for that audio drama extension; teasing me with Tidus' monologue and thinking it would be a lovely homage to the characters for their tenth anniversary, only to have it all crashing down and have my soul shattered?) If they decide to drop all this sequel-bait, it might be cowardice on their part, but I'll still be happy because it'll give them a chance to start X-3 over from scratch and maybe finally please us fans.

Though you know what I really want as a continuation in the X series? An extension of X-2, where the Gullwings reunite, Tidus becomes a member and they go on lots of wacky adventures all over Spira. It'd give them a nice excuse to explore more of Spira's history and landmarks. I'd call it Final Fantasy X-2+ or something.
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