Author Topic: Don't Rule Out FFX-3 Just Yet  (Read 1477 times)


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Re: Don't Rule Out FFX-3 Just Yet
« on: June 16, 2015, 07:55:24 am »
Haha, that was pretty exciting, right?!?!?!

I'm so glad VII is finally get it's long-awaited remake...

but I think that's the difference. :p

for one, there's an INSANE level of demand for a vii remake that has been bubbling for YEARS.

there was some demand for x-3 after they released the remaster, but they **** it up by turning most people off with the supplemental material they came up with.

sigh. I don't think we'll ever get a X-3.

i think the best we can hope for is that maybe, after they remake some of the other older games, they'll remake x in glorious HD. That is my dream. :p