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Re: What if (scenarios, endings, etc)...
« on: January 03, 2014, 09:39:58 pm »
I would've liked to see a story detailing the Braskian trio, as detailed in my post in

I personally would very much like to see a prequel with the Braskian trio.
It wouldn't have to be a ground-breaking game, or anything with huge, suspensful developments; it would be more a game to enjoy and appreciate the little nuances and details of their journey. A game that focuses more on it's gameplay and interplay between characters rather than the overall gravity of the story.

That I believe, however, is the second main roadblock to making a prequel as seen through the eyes of a SE higherup.
They'd need engaging gameplay ideals. Something not too far from the first two, but not something as to completely throw off the fan base. I don't know what direction they'd go for that, seeing as how Braska, Auron and Jecht are already rolecast in specific battle types; no new classes to invigorate the formula.

I'd still like to see a prequel, though. If done well, people would happily accept it as canon for it's smaller details concerning the journey and it would be held as not a huge advancement in Final Fantasy history but a very enjoyable detour of it's normal formula.

As long as they paid generous attention to the details in their trip as to compensate for lack of an engaging plot, the game would work well in terms of holding interest. Gameplay, as I stated, could be a roadblock, but something that could be overcome with a bit of brainstorming.

I've recently started having thoughts about how fun it would be to experience a story in the setting of Machina War-era Spira. Running around while havoc and chaos is unfurling about you sounds ripe for good, intense action and many interesting plot developments.

Or, perhaps, to combine your idea with stories of how fayth are made, we can dive into the life of a millennium-old unsent, and his journeys through Spira. Somebody like Maechen, who has been alive since before the Machina War, would've had such an interesting life and been involved in so many engaging events. There could be how he factored into the Machina War, shedding light on the real Yu Yevon and nature of the conflict between Bevelle and Zanarkand, and the postceding years would detail his interactions with the newly formed Church of Yevon, including how the pilgrimage fayth were made.

There are many interesting subdiversions to be had with a thousand year life. I wonder how Maechen would feel about it.

Ah, but if I had to ask about what the HD remaster had to offer, I would've liked new enemies and a new dungeon. Perhaps more light shed on the Machina War would've been nice, too. A few extra cutscenes and areas would've been better than a shoddy bump in quality.