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Re: What if (scenarios, endings, etc)...
« on: January 07, 2014, 05:16:10 pm »
Although I don't know what kind of fighter Meachen would be, since he is a scholar, I do wonder how a young Maechen would look, if they made a prequel with a story of a 1000 years ago. Maybe he was already old looking like that...but if Auron, an unsent can age, I guess Maechen can too...surely you jest

While I love the idea of seeing how the guardians would have looked like as a Fayth or Aeons, I didn't even think of fan-arts people might have done until I stumble on some interesting ones, which look great in my opinion  :D

This one by nachtwulf

I also like how Xemnas-The-Leader colored it too

Another fan-art by nachtwulf of Yuna's Final Aeon from Tidus Fayth

Another interesting fan-art Fayth by Kurimja
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