Which OST version is better?

The Original Version (PS2)
2 (100%)
The HD Remaster Version (PS3 & Vita)
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: Final Fantasy X OST  (Read 1148 times)


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Re: Final Fantasy X OST
« on: January 07, 2014, 08:34:50 pm »
Well, I've only heard a bit of the remastered on youtube and while I do like some of the remasters,
there are others which I prefer the original over the remaster.

Such as the battle theme

Although the original game outside Japan didn't have the song Suteki Da Ne in English I thought the remaster would,
since it was performed in English in Distant Worlds 2009 concert in Chicago by Susan Calloway,
but looking at the soundtrack it doesn't seem that way, unless I completely missed it.
I like the song in English....except I don't like how the Suteki Da Ne part was just left in Japanese
I would have prefer they fully translate the song like this awesome fandub cover by CinnamonPunch @ youtube