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Re: Last Mission
« on: January 08, 2014, 06:22:23 pm »
I'm not too sure myself, either, about the dynamics of Yuna's character.

The page scan translations we've received so far have painted her as teasing, not harsh and cruel as people were proclaiming. The Japanese reviews indicate something more severe going on, so we must be missing something.
Or Nojima has some out-of-text explaining to do.

More importantly, we don't know how faithful Nojima actually is to Yuna as of now, because we don't know where the novella fits in the timeline in respect to Last Mission or the perfect ending.
We can assume that if the novella takes place after Last Mission, Yuna started to faulter in her feelings towards Tidus, and wanted to rekindle them by going on a trip. However, that has improbabilities; why would Yuna only start to question her feelings concerning Tidus three months past them being happily living together?

How about if this takes place before Last Mission?
We can assume that the events in the novella take place, Yuna's relationship with Tidus is remedied, and they're happy and lovely together afterwards, as indicated through Last Mission's dialogue. However, in the audio drama, which is known to take place a year after the events of FFX-2, Yuna's attitude in general seems... strange, and off-putting towards Tidus.
With the pre-Last Mission theory, we must take the liberties and state that sometime in the nine months between Last Mission and the audio drama, something happens which causes Yuna to ostensibly pray fervently to a religion she denounced three years earlier.

Lots of unresolved cause-and-effect scenarios.