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Re: Fiend Tales
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Since the OP's exceeded the character limit, I'll start another one.



Cause of death is unknown. He starts out by asking where Sin is. He is reminded that he's in the Calm, and he's grateful, though he doesn't know who it belongs to. He's then told that it's the Eternal Calm, and that Sin will never return again. Rejoiced, he spills that the day that Lady Belgemine predicted has come, and then asks where she is. He's told that she's departed, and tells them that Belgemine rescued him from Sin 200 years ago when he was a 'seed.' 200 years ago, Sin was close to destroying Spira, about to obliterate every living creature. Belgemine secretly built a ship and sailed the 'chosen' out to sea. Under her protection, the ship wasn't attacked, and it reached the far end of the world 50 years later. Aquila says that it wasn't an easy journey due to storms and disease, and that many of his comrades died. They thought about turning back, but in the end, they pushed forward. Belgemine gave them the mission to 'live to keep the seed alive.' To avoid Sin, they couldn't go back to Spira. One day, the waves brought them a moonlily, and awakened their feelings for the dying world. Aquila says that they needed to get some information to see if Spira and Belgemine were safe. Having wings, Aquila decided to fly back to Spira, which brings us to the present day. He decides to fly back to his comrades to tell them the good news.


Aquila is flying over the sea, struggling to get further. He has to tell everyone, though the sun is beating down on him. He makes it to a small island, where his comrades: an ochu, 3 Bombs, 3 Ahrimans, an Adamantoise, and two male children. Aquila announces that the age of Sin is over. The screen fades to black, saying that this was a place where humans and fiends worked together to survive, and that this is the story of a tiny, tiny paradise, located somewhere in Spira.

(Since Aquila decided to fly back to Spira 150 years ago, and has now returned, it's possible that this ending takes place 150 years after X-2.)



Cause of death is unknown. He starts out by asking where his master is, and that it's been two years since he lost him. He says he must find him since his only purpose is to serve him. He remembers a 'lush, mystical forest and a river where glowing flowers bloomed.' There was a village where he and his master used to live. One day he disappeared, and everybody searched day and night for him. Nobody found him. The master was their saviour, because he unified the rift between humans and fiends. He was their leader and put them on the right path. He said, "I will return this world to its original form. You must all help me accomplish this." Flan Azul mentions that he always said this with sombre eyes. A fiend informs him that his master long since left for the Farplane. With him gone, Flan Azul has no reason to stay in Spira. He asks Shinra to take him to Macalania Woods, saying that it was the place where he first met his master.


Flan Azul returns to the Spring, and is aware of how the woods are declining. He says that maybe he lost everything two years ago, and doesn't possess the will to go on living without his master. He says that he will come to his side shortly. He wades into the water as he begins to dissolve into pyreflies. His one regret is, though he noticed the darkness in his master's heart, he wasn't able to ease his pain. Had Flan Azul known the darkness of solitude that is felt by all fiends, he might have understood his master better. The screen fades to white, and it is revealed that Flan Azul's master... was Seymour Guado. Seymour attacks him and Flan Azul wakes up, wondering why he's alive. He thinks that he was dreaming, and that Seymour said that 'it is too soon to go to the Farplane.' He decided to leave the forest and travel around Spira for a little longer. He has a hunch that his master might still be in Spira somewhere.



Cause of death is unknown. He wants to become Spira's best flan, by being the most delicious. He says that people from over the world will line up to get a taste of him. He's on his way to being the world's greatest dessert. To be the most luscious dessert, he must go through an ingredient check. He puts a thin layer of egg yolk on top to look firm, but then says that he's a little watered down. He mentions checking his true flavour, but we don't hear what the method is. He sticks a spoon in himself to taste himself, and mentions that he's the ultimate in softness and elasticity, which is why he's quivering with anticipation. He tears up in joy over the fact that he's edible. He then decides that his salty tears can be his special ingredient. However, his scent is a bit off. He still gets stings from poking himself with a spoon, but he perseveres. He says that he's firm and moist on the outside and has a pleasant aroma and caramel flavour. He says that his harmony of egg and vanilla will give the world a hither to unexpected taste and smell. He then realises that if he fulfils his dream, he'll be eaten and ultimately dead. He then begins to question if food's fate is to be eaten.


Flan Amarillo arrives in Luca, stating that his dream was to be the ultimate flan and provide a taste of paradise for just a moment. He could give everyone the dream that is called flan. He says that he went to Luca to visit a world famous chef. He finds him, and asks him to make Flan Amarillo into a perfect flan to be loved by everyone. He nods, and the Minigame takes place. Depending on how well you do, the black screen will tell of multiple endings of how the flan turned out.


"Spin the directional buttons as directed to make the best flan in Spira! The more you spin, the tastier the flan will become! Be mindful of the ingredients added later!"



Cause of death is unknown. He starts off saying that he was a good-for-nothing when he was a human. He says that he was weak, spineless and was a half-baked shell who wasn't brave enough to be a villain. He then mentions that he had a lover who was genteel and well-to-do. He couldn't figure out why she loved him, but decides to become a new man for her. He says that a classy lady doesn't deserve to be with a two-bit thug. Of course, her parents objected. He says that their dates were in Kilika Woods and that he couldn't buy her presents. She said she didn't care, but he was still embarrassed that he couldn't do anything for her. He decided to work hard and save up for an engagement ring for her. In the end, he got one, but it wasn't a nice and expensive one. Even if he was rejected, he had to let her know how he felt. However, when they planned to meet up, he lost the nerve to propose. He ran away and left her and the ring in the ruins. He says that he wish he had one more chance to do things over.


Flan Palido says he's been afraid of going through Kilika's wildlife for so long. The screen fades into Flan Palido and Shinra. FP wonders if the ring is still at the ruins, and that this time he will confess his feelings. He finds the stone where he left the ring, but it's not there. FP begins to fade and his human form is revealed. Shinra shakes his head. An old woman approaches them, and FP turns to see her. The woman wonders if it could be him, and shows that she has the ring on her finger. She realises who FP is: her unannounced fiancÚ, and calls him a fool for worrying about such petty matters. She didn't want any presents from him; all she wanted was him. FP's counters by saying she was a well-to-do lady, but she retaliates by saying she's an old lady now. FP is silent, but then decides to ask her if she will stay by his side. She accepts, and she and FP's human spirit walk off together.
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