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Re: Dressphere Gallery/Requests
« on: May 03, 2014, 02:30:03 pm »
So I don't know if you all know this, but there's an unused dressphere design for a chef:

Now, I kinda have a thing for cartoonish chef designs; I find them adorable and creative. I think this would have been the Alchemist dressphere if they didn't use that. I digress, though. Because I felt like it, I made a Chef dressphere design for males, or in this case Tidus. It's supposed to resemble a sort of oriental-styled chef outfit mixed with an ordinary European/American one. The big barrel on the back is supposed to be a rice barrel, and that pot on his leg is supposed to be a spice jar. (Oh hey, I managed to draw a decent Tidus this time around. Now I just have to get the eyes right. :S)
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